Peer-André Grote

About Me

When I first started experimenting with film, I was 14 years old. My father bought me a videocamera on a vacation and from there on I filmed everything I could get infront of the lense. I started to shoot travelvideos, musicvideos and shortfilms until the dream of becoming a professional director got more and more intense. After Highschool I moved to Munich to work for different companies in the filmbusiness, but I didn’t feel fulfilled. 2 years later I started to study at the University of Passau while working as a freelance  photographer on the side. Yet, after taking my B.A. in „Media and Communication Science“ I still felt without a purpose in life. It was great to have the theoretical knowledge behind the different mechanics of mediaforms, but I missed the practicality. I wanted to shoot films, not report about them. It was during that time, that I felt ready to go all in. And in 2014 a huge dream came true. I was accepted in one of the best filmschools in the world for the one thing i always wanted to do. DIRECTING.
Today I’m a graduate of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and finally reached what I have always been dreaming of. I’m a director and storyteller and I’m now able to channel my creativity through the most exciting medium of all time.
I love working with other creatives and I’m always looking for projects that I can be passionate about. So, if you resonate with me and my work and feel ready to team up, I would love to connect with you. Much love.